Marshall Rogan Inu wants Daniel Cormier’s help with Cain Velasquez fundraiser

Marshall Rogan Inu ($MRI) is a cryptocurrency inspired by Joe Rogan’s golden retriever Marshall Mae Rogan. The crypto takes advantage of its familiarity with MMA fans as a way to self-promote. The coin prides itself on sponsoring numerous MMA fighters.

Recently, the cryptocurrency got involved in supporting a fundraiser created by American Kickboxing Acamedy’s head coach Javier Mendez.

The goal of the fundraiser was to take care of Cain Velasquez’s legal costs following his arrest. Velasquez is facing attempted murder charges after shooting at an individual who allegedly is the abuser of one of Velasquez’s underaged relatives.

GofundMe later shut down the fundraiser with the explanation that the crowdsourcing platform prohibits raising money for the legal defense of people accused of a violent crime.

The news of the fundraiser being takedown was a major upset for most of the MMA fans that are supportive of Cain Velasquez.

With that in mind, the cryptocurrency has not given up on trying to help out Cain Velasquez.

On Twitter, $MRI approached former UFC champion and Velasquez’s close friend Daniel Cormier, in an attempt to get in contact directly with Velasquez’s close relatives.

$MRI states that they would love to donate a “large sum of money” to help out Cain and his family.

On Twitter the cryptocurrency wrote:

“Hey DC, We are appalled yet not surprised that GoFundMe shut down the fundraiser for
@cainmma[Cain Velasquez]”

“We would love to donate a large sum of money to help Cains Trial & Family – they can’t shut us down.

Please get in contact so this can be arranged.

Love, Marshall”

So far there haven’t been any reports that Cormier has responded to the tweet.

The altruistic intents of the coin are questioned by part of the MMA community.

For instance, Social Media Director at MMAfighting Eric Jackman states that the coin is “selfishly motivated”.

“Well, I don’t know if they’re uniting the fighters. It’s very, like selfishly motivated and I am trying to choose my words carefully.” Jackman stated during an episode of The MMA Hour.

“Well, I think they have money now that they’re using to promote, and therefore by promoting they are attempting to drive up the price of the coin.”

“They want to make money by publicizing it and the people who are the people who will also buy the coin will drive up the price.”

“Why not just help the fighters? Why does it need to be a coin just give the fighter money?” Jackman asked.

Former UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen also shared words of caution regarding the cryptocurrency.

“As much as I like fighters and it makes me feel good to do anything helpful, there’s a selfish side to this,” said Sonnen on his Twitter, “I plan to make a lot of money with MRI. You need to understand that money follows attention.”

Altruistic or not, $MRI states that they have been able to raise over eight hundred thousand dollars in “donations” to MMA fighters.