UFC’s Tanner Boser Confronts internet troll: Holland is a nice guy, I’m not

In another episode of MMA fighters against trolls, UFC heavyweight Tanner Boser falls victim to a recent attack from an internet troll.

The Canadian received the message on his Twitter direct message confronting him about his view on Canadian truck drivers’ “Freedom Convoy”.

The long and aggressive message from this Twitter user “Mullets are ugly” contains some disturbing parts like he wants to beat Boser and accused his mother was using drugs when she’s pregnant.

“The fact that you agree with d****ss s**t like this makes me really want to just beat some sense into you and then maybe you’ll grow some IQ.” the troll wrote to Boser. “Maybe your mom did too much m*th when you were in the womb.”

“Mullets are ugly” ended his hateful message with him challenging Boser and threatening him to break his arm on the fight.

“You need to do the kevin holland s**t and give me the free pass to kick you in the face and then maybe break your arm with an armbar for fun”

‘The Bulldozer’ clearly not fond of the message, openly invite the troll with a message for him that he won’t play any games.

“This guy sent this to me at like 1:00am and then blocked me. If you find that courage again, sure. Sounds like you’re from Alberta. You can drive to Edmonton. You will sign a waiver. We will “spar”. Holland is a nice guy, I’m not. It will not be recorded. Someone pls let him know” Boser wrote.

UFC middleweight Kevin Holland is recently on a hunt for internet trolls by inviting them to do spars with him, while recording it and uploading the footage to social media.

Boser himself has never been submitted in his professional career and never been finished in his UFC days, so if this troll really wants to break his hand “for fun”, he might want to rethink that again.

There’s a long history of MMA fighters confronting random internet commenters. It all started once Tara La rossa was contracted to confront Keyboard warrior Kristopher Zylinski. Zylinski questioned the legitimacy of female MMA fighters.