Martyn Ford warns Iranian Hulk that his body is built from scratch, shading the suspected catfisher

‘World’s Scariest Man’ aka Martyn Ford has been devoting himself to gaining muscle for his upcoming boxing match against the ‘Iranian Hulk’. Ford sent a warning to his rival that he had is now at 320 pounds ahead of their fight.

The two giants will exchange blows in a boxing ring on April 30. The event will be taking place at the O2 Arena in London. After having a brief staredown with Iranian Hulk aka Sajad Gharibi in February, Ford couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Gharibi had boasted about being heavier (around 390 pounds) but appears to be much smaller than Ford.

Despite the disappointment, the 39-year-old Englishman keeps on training. Martyn Ford constantly shares his training activity on his social media. Recently, he warned Gharibi that he is building a ‘beast’ from scratch. In the video, Ford can be seen performing a footwork drill on a Bosu ball.

“Changing my narrative, building a beast from scratch, leaving nothing to chance. Moving well for 145kg (320 pounds), BUT we can always be better.” Ford wrote in the caption.

The two have long been rumored opponents with the match consistently falling apart. They ultimately decided to settle their business inside a boxing ring when celebrity boxing promotion Boxstar offered to facilitate. Ford is surely training super hard for his first boxing match. The same goes for Gharibi. However, many fans including Ford himself have been disappointed by how small Gharibi is in real life compared to his pictures on social media.

During their staredown, Gharibi was wearing a hoodie and covered all of his infamous muscles prompting more speculations about them having been photoshopped. Despite the cover up attempt, it’s still quite clear that his muscles are very different from the ones he showcased on Instagram.

“He was not what I expected. I think he’s just fooled the world with photoshop, if I’m honest. Seeing him in real life is not as impressive as seeing him in pictures.” Ford said after the staredown session.