Eddie Hall speaks out after Hafthor Bjornsson loss shows horror eye cut

Eddie Hall is clearly not satisfied with the result of his boxing match. The 34-year-old lost his boxing debut to fellow strongman Hafthor (Thor) Bjornsson late yesterday.

In an exhibition boxing match booked as ‘The Heaviest Boxing Match In History’, the two giants fought fiercely for 6 rounds. Thor Bjornsson, who has prior boxing experience, slightly dominated the fight. The 33-year-old Icelandic giant  managed to knock down Eddie Hall twice. However, Hall got back on his feet and continued fighting until the final round.

Thor Bjornsson was announced as the winner via unanimous decision that night. Even though he suffered a pretty gruesome cut above right eye, Eddie Hall admitted that Bjornsson was better than him yesterday. However, he also expressed that he is excited to have a rematch.

Eddie Hall gave his thoughts about the match. In the video he said he felt accomplished enough to fight Bjornsson who is one of the biggest men on earth.

“You know what, I can take things as a man. It is what it is, that’s boxing. At the end of the day I’ve just fought the biggest man on the planet in a boxing match. I’d like to see anyone else get the balls and do that.” Hall said.

Eddie Hall also wished to have a rematch with Thor Bjornsson.

“It’s been a hell of a journey; I’ve enjoyed it and hopefully there’s a rematch and we can do business again. I want to wish everyone out there that you’re staying safe, staying positive and you keep moving forward in life.” Hall said

In the caption, Eddie Hall congratulated Bjornsson for his victory. He also thanked everyone for their support. It is likely Eddie Hall would return to compete inside a boxing ring in the future.

“Just want to thank everyone for the love and support tonight. It was fun to box literally one of the biggest men on the planet. No excuses at all from me just tonight the better man won. Well done to Thor and hope everyone’s staying safe. Big Love. Team Beast