‘World’s Scariest man’ pledges to finish Iranian Hulk in only 17 seconds

Martyn Ford has been at the center of the attention thanks to the contentious relationship he has with his celebrity boxing opponent Sajad Gharibi. Ford had scuffled with Gharibi during the much anticipated face off in Dubai and even had the press conference go haywire.

Gharibi aka Iranian Hulk is busy training for the bout that’s been postponed for April 30th due to an undisclosed injury. Boxstar promotions also plans to feature the boxing debut of Patrice Evra, a former Manchester United ace.

Ford revealed he’s been following his opponent like a hawk on social media, and is trying to combat fire with fire. During a recent press conference Ford revealed:

“He is going to knock me out. I have got a weak chin,” Ford said sarcastically when asked for a prediction. “Do you really want me to answer that? 17 seconds. If he doesn’t find some fire in his stomach and some passion, then you may as well get a second opponent to jump in after him.”

“I don’t think there is going to be a punch that ends it, it is a very difficult question to answer in the sense that it could end in any way I want. That is how confident I am. All the dedication, hard work and everything I have put into this, I have sacrificed seeing my wife and my children to prepare for this fight.

“I just question whether that same dedication has gone in from him and if it hasn’t the actual fight night itself is irrelevant. For me I guarantee what happens on the night gives you a glimpse of where I want to be and what I want to do. I have said it for a couple of years.

“I am grateful for the Hulk for turning up as I really am. For me this isn’t about anything else than enjoying the experience, but I am not planning on going in there and being nice.”

Meanwhile Gharibi may have been busy faking his weigh ins, as he trains for the bout. He’s also busy making postings like this one on social media:

“pretty boy you are just a coward who hide behind women
no apologize no respect
wait for Hard REVENGE.”

Iranian Hulk has been having a tough time.  30 year old Sajad Gharibi is eagerly anticipating his boxing match against World’s Scariest man Martyn Ford. Ford is massive in stature standing at 6’8” and weighing in at roughly 320 lbs.

And for a couple of years it appeared Ford had found his match in an Iranian of similarly huge physique. Gharibi became infamous by his giant overall stature. But many fans online claim that with this face off, there is definitive proof that Gharibi has been catfishing the combat sports fans as far back as 2015.