Iranian Hulk claims he lost 30 lbs in attempt to prep fans for his real physique

It has been speculated for years that Iranian Hulk aka Sajad Gharibi has been embellishing his physique. The rumors were only heightened any time a bout agreement would go unsigned for a boxing match between Gharibi and ‘World’s scariest man’ Martyn Ford.

For a while, the two were even rumored to match at the Polish MMA promotion KSW but nothing came of it. Earlier this year it was confirmed that the two would butt heads at the O2 arena in London, facilitated by a celebrity boxing promotion Boxstar.

In fairness to Boxstar, they quickly realized they possibly took a huge bite of the celebrity boxing market so they quickly pushed back the clash for April 30th in the same venue. THe official reason for the postponement was an undisclosed injury from the headliner ie either Ford or Gharibi.

The whole situation came to a head for Gharibi once the two officially met in Dubai for their eagerly anticipated face off.

On the spot, hangers on started noticing that Gharibi appeared almost normal looking and that there was a huge size discrepancy between him and Ford. Ford would go on to post a suspicious looking weigh in on his social media.

This is an attempt to mirror his opponent Martyn Ford who shared his own weigh ins several days earlier. For those interested, Ford is much taller but reportedly weighs 143kg. As per the video Gharibi claimed to be in the range of 138kg – however if you look at the scales in the video attached you’ll notice that you can’t see Gharibi for one, and for another thing that his weight suspiciously jumps at one point indicating that he possibly picked something up as he was weighing in in order to get to the desired result.

Now Gharibi is opening up about the weight loss he’s experienced allegedly as a result of different training methods for boxing.

Iranian HUlk went on to claim he used to be at 145 kg – two kilograms over what Ford reportedly weighs but has since lost a tremendous amount. He told the media during the press conference:

“But since then I have decided to do a lot more training to be a lot more realistic about my weight and I am now 130kg for the fight and I am getting in better shape to get this fight on. This is my dream to be in this fight and know this, what happened yesterday will not happen in the fight.

“I have been training vigorously for this day, I have brought down my weight and put everything on the line to make this happen. Know this, I am putting everything behind me. I will do whatever it takes to make this fight.

“I have been working on a lot more lighter and flexible workouts whereas before I was doing muscle building workouts. My stamina and heart rate have both improved and I am ready to do the rounds. I am just going to stick to what I am doing and focus on that.”
Hulk went on to clarify he rejected an MMA scenario and shared he preferred Bare knuckle:
“I suggested a bare-knuckle fight, and he refused to have an MMA fight,” Hulk said during an interview on TV. “He had a boxing match in mind instead and he said that he would only box. I am not a boxer and have never done any boxing training, but I accepted anyway, because I thought that if I refuse to fight, it all would get worse and worse and he will believe that I am a coward.”

Twitter users in particular had a vitriolic reaction to his real physique.