Iranian Hulk Explodes at Press Conference, Martyn Ford Doesn’t Even Flinch

Iranian Hulk and Martyn Ford had quite a contentious meeting ahead of their fight. The two giants are confirmed to be fighting at London’s O2 arena on April 2nd.

Martyn Ford (39) became an influencer some years back. His following counts 3.7 million people. In an interview in 2018, regarding his transition to MMA, he said: “I have just always been very competitive, and I like challenging myself.

“I am just a bit stupid really, aren’t I?”

Ford had been rumored to be fighting Iranian Hulk aka Sajad Gharibi for years – but now it’s finally official. The two even got in a fight at the face off last week. During the face off Ford showed Gharibi, while Gharibi attempted a takedown on his opponent.

The two even had a crazy press conference after. At the conference Gharibi  blew up at Ford – who was unflinching . Gharibi appeared to knock off some popcorn and made his way over the table wanting to confront stone faced Ford. Ford remained in his seat the entire time.

Gharibi and Ford are both very tall and bulky. Martin Ford stands at 6’8’’ and Gharibi at 6’2’’. Gharibi will face off Martyn Ford in a boxing ring as a part of a Boxstar event. This fight will be the first official fight for the two of them. Martyn Ford is known as an actor and a bodybuilder, while Sajad Gharibi is famous for his unique body.

Gharibi has since apologized for his behavior.