Thor Bjornsson responds to Tyson Fury call-out as giant heavyweights tease fight

Strongman turned boxer Thor Bjornsson recently gave his response to Tyson Fury’s callout. Bjornsson accepted the challenge and is ready to face the former heavyweight champion.

Tyson Fury has retired from professional boxing following his match against Dillian Whyte on April 23 at Wembley Stadium in London. However, ‘The Gypsy King’ revealed that he would return to the ring to box in exhibition matches to fight legends or celebrities. One person who interests him is the 2018 World Strongest Man winner Thor Bjornsson.

Tyson Fury teased Bjornsson in his Instagram account to tease the Icelandic giant. Fury uploaded to his Instagram Story and wondered if Bjornsson could defend himself from his vicious shot.

“I wonder if Thor could take a crashing right hand to that big jaw? Who would have Thor’s hammer? Would this mountain be too big to climb?” Fury wrote and tagged Bjornsson.

It didn’t take long for Bjornsson to respond. The 33-year-old uploaded a short video on his Instagram story and dared Fury to find the answer together.

“There’s only one way to find out, let’s make these [our fists] talk. I’m 100 per cent up for a war. Let’s do this.” Bjornsson said.

Thor Bjornsson has competed 4 times in exhibition matches since January 2021. had his latest boxing match against fellow former Strongman and rival Eddie Hall in Dubai. The two giants exchanged blows in an exhibition boxing match booked as ‘The Heaviest Boxing Match In History’. Bjornsson managed to knock down Hall twice and came out as the winner via unanimous decision.

With his latest boxing match being a big success, Thor Bjornsson will continue to box someone his size in the ring. Tyson Fury is definitely a prospective opponent with both of them standing at 6ft 9in. Famous bodybuilder Martyn Ford is also targeting Bjornsson to have his first boxing match.