WWE slammed for releasing Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson after Olympic trials

In the latest WWE roster shakeup, NXT suffered significant cuts. Notable talents including Ezekiel Balogun, Julian Baldi, Trey Bearhill, Valentina Feroz, Darrell Mason, Vlad Pavlenko, Kiyah Saint, Keyshawn Leflore, Emmamaria Diaz, Boa, and Drew Gulak found themselves released from their contracts.

Adding to the roster purge, Olympic gold medallist Gable Steveson was among those let go. This revelation surfaced through Dave Meltzer’s report, sparking a wave of surprise among wrestling enthusiasts.

Meltzer highlighted the unfortunate timing of Steveson’s release. He noted that had it occurred a few weeks earlier, he could have participated in the Olympic trials for the Paris Games.

Meltzer revealed that Steveson’s release stemmed from his inability to live up to the high expectations despite his lucrative contract.

In a follow-up interview with Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer provided further details on the reasons for Steveson’s dismissal. He stated that it all boiled down to having a lucrative contract and failing to advance in the ring:

“All these cuts were done on the same day. A lot of people in the amateur world are going ‘Oh my God, how horrible, if they cut him three weeks ago…’ but they probably weren’t thinking cuts three weeks ago.”

“The reality is it’s another one – his contract was a very big money contract and he wasn’t cutting it, that’s the thing. It’s very, very hard. You’re talking about a guy who from literally 7th grade on was an incredible athlete. This guy may be, probably is, the best heavyweight wrestler ever in the United States. The best wrestler period out of the state of Minnesota and Minnesota has got a lot of great wrestlers.”

Steveson’s stint in WWE was marred by missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential. Despite being drafted to Raw in 2021, he never graced the red brand with his presence in a match. His sole televised bout against Baron Corbin at the 2023 Great American Bash ended in a disappointing double count-out, leaving fans yearning for more.

The wrestling community is sad at the departure of Gable Steveson, a prodigious talent whose journey from amateur wrestling glory to the WWE universe ended prematurely.