Thor vs Eddie Hall result: Hafthor Bjornsson floors Eddie twice

Hafthor Bjornsson boxed his old rival Hafthor Bjornsson earlier tonight in Dubai. The livestream for the match was plagued by downtime and buffering issues.

The boxing match was better than expected considering the two are strongmen and not boxers. The match ended up going the distance.

The full six rounds electrified the Dubai crowd. Bjornsson, whose biggest claim to fame was an acting role on Game of Thrones, earned his bragging rights having floored Eddie Hall twice.

Hall started off strong, showcased his explosiveness. He managed to rock Hafthor several times however he couldn’t keep the pace going past those first 3 minutes.

Hafthor caused a cut under Hall’s right eye early on. Hall’s strikes, on the other hand, sent Bjornsson for the ropes.


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