UFC Champ Alex Pereira Donates $100,000 to Aid Brazil after Worst Flood in Years

UFC champion Alex Pereira has not only conquered the octagon but also showcased his philanthropic side by extending aid to his home country, Brazil. The country is amidst a devastating natural calamity. The recent catastrophic floods in the southern regions of Brazil have wreaked havoc, claiming numerous lives and displacing thousands.

In a recent appearance on the MMA Hoje YouTube channel, Pereira shed light on the dire circumstances prevailing in southern Brazil. Expressing solidarity with the affected populace, he announced a substantial contribution of $100,000. This is in addition to an extra $20,000  for rescue operations.

During the podcast, Pereira emphasized:

“Many people from the south are in need there, because of the rain and floods… Recently, I made a donation out of my own pocket, no one helped me with anything. Apart from the other donations I made, I donated $100,000 of food to people in need here in Brazil. Now I’m also going to donate another $20,000 to the south, for this tragedy that happened… I do what I can.”

Official reports indicate a grim toll, with at least 85 casualties reported and over 150,000 individuals displaced from their residences. Moreover, the search for missing persons is becoming increasingly challenging, compounded by several isolated communities. The impending forecast of heavy rainfall further worsens the plight of the affected regions.

Numerous residents were compelled to leave their homes, and others were evacuated by rescue workers from the most susceptible locations. Donations from Pereira will undoubtedly aid in the rehabilitation of those who lost their houses and other possessions in the floods.

Even though Pereira won many over with his kind gesture, many are still interested in learning about his future in the UFC. It seems that a championship defense is quite likely.

Following his successful defense of the light heavyweight title against Jamahal Hill at UFC 300, Pereira expressed his desire to feature in UFC 301, slated to take place in Brazil. Additionally, he articulated his aspiration to ascend to the heavyweight division and contend for the belt.