Tommy Fury Trying Hard To Reschedule Jake Paul Boxing Match

Tommy Fury is trying hard to save face. The younger brother of boxing heavyweight great Tyson Fury had to drop out of December 18th boxing fight due to a broken rib and a chest infection. But now he’s doing his best to summon the lucrative payday back into his life.

Jake Paul has been busy after the bombastic knock out of Tyron Woodley and has called out names such as Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz. Paul even went so far as to offer Masvidal a lucrative 5 million payday to box him. Of course this is perhaps mean spirited considering that Paul was aware that Masvidal had an exclusive contract with the UFC and is unlikely to be released any time soon,

In a slightly more realistic attempt Paul made an offer to Julio Caesar Chavez Jr – a boxer who Anderson Silva had knocked out in his pro boxing debut. This time Paul isn’t pulling punches and is actually seeking out a boxer – and one that was a champion back in 2011.

Still Fury isn’t letting go of the idea and has contacted his team in order to make sure his boxing fight against Paul cannot be rescheduled. 24 year old shared on instagram:

‘Just so you’re all aware, my team have reached out to @JakePaul team in regards to a rescheduled fight,’ Fury posted on Wednesday.’

‘He knows where it’s at and knows I want this fight. He’s made comments saying we’ve been ‘silent’ which is absolutely not the case.’

He told The Unibet Lowdown podcast: ‘I’ve been in probably the lowest point I’ve ever been in in my entire life. Imagine having everything you could have ever dreamed of ripped away through no fault of your own.

As for the Woodley rematch, Fury wasn’t impressed: ‘You’re in a bad place when the commentator on your fight is saying “it is getting pretty hard to watch now”. It was very upsetting for me to sit there and watch it.

‘I know if I was in there it wouldn’t have gone six or seven rounds. For the first four or five rounds, the guy didn’t throw a punch. That was meant to be my night, my time.

‘The people that know me know how much of a bitter pill that was. It should have been me in Tampa Bay, Florida, in front of thousands of people in a packed out arena.’