(Video) UFC boss Dana White busts careless FedEX driver, gets him fired: ‘My boy don’t give a f—k’

UFC CEO Dana White is an individual well-acquainted with extensive travels and diverse experiences. But he recently encountered a profoundly disturbing scene during his recent visit to New York City.

In a moment captured on Tuesday, White utilized his platform on Instagram to unveil a disconcerting episode involving a careless FedEX delivery driver. While traversing the streets of New York City in the comfort of a luxurious vehicle, White chanced upon a FedEX employee haphazardly tossing packages into the back of a truck.

Seizing the opportunity, White rolled his window down. He then proceeded to record the scene for a duration of one whole minute.

Known for his outspoken nature, White found himself at a loss for words in the face of such blatant negligence. Despite this, he managed to interject a touch of humor as he witnessed the repeated mishandling of customers’ parcels.

White humorously remarked, “FedEX. We’ll get your s—t there, but we’ll f—k it up.”

He then went on to say: “My boy don’t give a f—k.”

Recently, the UFC CEO made fun of a star-studded roster that included Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady, and other celebrities in a Netflix roast special. Some of the greatest stars in sports came together for the occasion to enjoy a night of lighthearted banter and jokes.

When White entered the stage, the evening got off to a heated start as he expressed his dissatisfaction at having just sixty seconds to speak. Kicking off an entertaining and witty evening, he stated: “My name is Dana. Is that not trans enough for you liberal f**ks?”

White then focused his attention on the renowned NFL quarterback, Tom Brady. He stated: “Tom, you played for the Patriots for so long that I was actually starting to feel like you were from Boston. Then I saw you running. I was like, no, he’s definitely from San Francisco.”

All those involved took the jokes in good humor, and the program ultimately proved to be a huge success.