UFC Champion Sean O’Malley: I paid more in taxes than I made from UFC Championship fight

MMA star Sean O’Malley is quickly becoming one of the UFC’s most prominent figures. He has captivated audiences with his flamboyant persona and breathtaking knockouts. However, his financial success extends far beyond the confines of the octagon.

While O’Malley continues to excel in the UFC, his financial gain originates primarily from his entrepreneurial endeavors. Leveraging his immense popularity, he has established a thriving podcast, a growing YouTube channel, and a strong presence across various media platforms. These have significantly outpaced his earnings from MMA.

In a revelation during an interview on Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk, O’Malley disclosed: “My goal is always to become a multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-millionaire. I wanted to become — make a lot of money. You can make a lot of money in the UFC not talking sh*t, not really being on social media, doing all that thing. But you’re not — it’s gonna be harder when you have to win 5000 fights in a row.”

He continued by saying that his income from social media platforms, including Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, tripled his earnings from MMA.

O’Malley stated: “I paid more in taxes than I made last year in my fight [with Sterling]. I made a lot of money fighting but I made triple that from social media. From Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, all these different social medias. I made triple the amount I made fighting. I made a lot of money fighting. So, it just depends what these guys’ goals are.”

Since winning the bantamweight title by defeating Aljamain Sterling, O’Malley has successfully defended his championship against Marlon Vera at UFC 299. Currently he is gearing up for his next challenge against Merab Dvalishvili, the division’s top-ranked contender.

Dvalishvili has been gaining popularity on the internet lately after creating some humorous skits to advertise his impending matchup with O’Malley.

Reflecting on his opponent’s evolving persona, O’Malley commented: “Merab’s on like a 10-fight winning streak. One of the most boring guys in UFC history and he’s finally kind of changing it up a bit and kind of getting some attention now. I think Merab’s doing a good job. I think people are finding out they gotta be — I think Merab genuinely is kind of a goofball and I think he’s being like himself and that’s why it’s working. I don’t think he’s forcing it.”

Regarding O’Malley and Dvalishvili’s upcoming match, no official statement has been made. But O’Malley is targeting the two to be the main attraction of UFC 306, which will take place inside The Sphere in Las Vegas.