Iranian Hulk is so determined to prepare for his boxing debut he trained in a car park amid freezing temperatures

In the lead up to the celebrity boxing match between Iranian Hulk (born Sajad Gharibi) and actor/body builder Martyn Ford many question if the so called Hulk is coming prepared.

Gharibi even came alone to their publicized face off in Dubai, and bemoaned that he has no coaches or team to help him prepare for the boxing debut. The giant even went on to measure his body on camera in an attempt to dissuade haters.

Many claim that Gharibi is likely a star thanks to his outstanding photo editing skills as opposed to actual body building. His opponent Martyn Ford even went on to directly say so.

But despite it all, Gharibi is determined to make it count. This is why he’s trained through some inhumane circumstances.

Iranian Hulk during his presumed ‘peak’ vs now

Speaking with Iranian TV, Gharibi described the brutal conditions he has trained in recently. “I worked out in the worst conditions for six to seven years. I have worked out in hot weather, 50 degrees in Bushehr. In these few recent months, I have worked out in below zero degrees in a parking lot.”

“Not even the trainer could come there. There are videos to prove I am right. It would make everyone wonder how I work out in a place like that, but I did anyway and I never said a word in objection.”

While Gharibi is 9 years younger coming into the boxing match – Ford appears to be taking it more seriously. After all Gharibi’s pictures are a far cry from his usual size.

Gharibi went on to claim he lost as much as 30lbs (15kg) prepping for the match but his math doesn’t really check out. Gharibi previously told that his physique peaked at 390 lbs (176kg). Meanwhile his opponent weighs 315 lbs currently.

Gharibi is 6″2 compared to Ford’s massive 6″8′ frame. The two are now in a fierce back and forth with Ford shading Hulk’s physique and claiming he will destroy him.

“This is my dream to be in this fight and know this, what happened yesterday will not happen in the fight,” He continued. “I have been training vigorously for this day, I have brought down my weight and put everything on the line to make this happen. Know this, I am putting everything behind me. I will do whatever it takes to make this fight.”