Martyn Ford explains delay in agreeing to box “soft kid” Thor Bjornsson

Thor Bjornsson and Martyn Ford have previously hinted that a boxing match between them might take place. Negotiations regarding a huge showdown are being held up by legal concerns surrounding Bjornsson’s most recent fight with Eddie Hall.

If the two do decide to make their boxing match official, Martyn Ford thinks Thor Bjornsson won’t pose a serious danger since he isn’t “mean” enough.

Ford has earned the title of “World’s Scariest Man” because of his enormous 6’8″ size, around 310 lb weight, and many tattoos. Bjornsson, a previous champion of the World’s Strongest Man, recently triumphed in two boxing contests against Eddie Hall and Devon Larratt.

Ford has been itching to enter a boxing ring or an MMA cage in an attempt to demonstrate his fighting prowess. However, he has had trouble finding a challenger. Sajjad Gharibi was supposed to confront him in London in April. However, the match got canceled out of concern for his opponent’s mental state.

While he would like to compete against a real heavyweight MMA fighter from a team like KSW, Ford thinks a match with Thor may be fun. He believes that he could simply put a stop to it by “roughing up” Thor.

On the Disruptors podcast with Rob Moore, Ford said:

“I want to do the fighting because I want to shut people up. I only need one fight.”

“The Thor fight has been offered, but the problem with that is that there are still issues with the fight between him and Eddie that need to be resolved. It’s just finances and bulls***.”

“Thor wants it and I want it, so there’s potential there – that’s an opportunity that potentially could happen, it would be a good payday, it would be awesome. Thor can’t fight either which would be great.”

“He’s good for where he was but he’s not nasty, he’s soft, he’s a soft kid and I said that when I went to Dubai and watched him fight. Technically he’s alright, he’s very slow but he’s not nasty.”

Ford has a good friendship with Eddie Hall, who has been Bjornsson’s competitor since the two of them were strongmen. They had a dispute about allegations of cheating, which finally resulted in them brawling in Dubai earlier this year. Thor won the match by unanimous decision.

Ford stated of the altercation, “Neither of them were nasty, and I was so disappointed. They f***ing hate each other, if you hate someone you don’t step in, you stand there and just swing.”

“Get your head in there and f***ing give him one, that’s what I’ll do. I will 100 per cent just rough him up, that’s what everyone wants to see, nobody wants to see two people fight that can’t fight trying to fight properly.”

“That’s just c***, the whole point of these exhibitions is that I want to see two guys scrap. I just want to see you go at each other for three or four minutes, blood everywhere and give it 100 per cent, nobody wants to watch a street fight where they’re jabbing and moving.”