Police open investigation following viral confrontation video featuring MMA Fighter retaliating over PDA

There are people that are uncomfortable seeing couples exhibit public displays of affection. But this rising MMA prospect may have gone way too far expressing his discomfort.

Undefeated prospect Sharaputdin Magomedov was strolling in a mall when he encountered a couple on the elevator.

During the elevator ride, the man starts to get affectionate with his partner in front of him and kisses her. The kiss wasn’t particularly vulgar – by western standards anyway.

Magomedov apparently got uncomfortable with the situation and confronted the man, making the situation even more tense.

The conflict initially got defused but Magomedov wouldn’t let it rest – he waited for the man outside the mall, sucker punched him and stomped on his head.

According to the report from Prosports.kz, the actions of both men qualified as a “violation of public order” under the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.

“Who and for what purpose three months later distributed the video if both sides came to reconciliation and had no mutual claims? On this face, an administrative offense case has been initiated, within the framework of which a legal assessment of the actions of both defendants will be given.”

In most of Russia neither holding hands or kissing your girlfriend in the middle of a busy street will get you booked, or harassed however this does not apply to Chechnya, Dagestan and other ultra conservative regions.