Adesanya reveals dad played a pivotal role in getting to $20M property portfolio

UFC star Israel Adesany attributes much of his financial success to his father, Femi Adesanya. Adesanya sees his father as a rock as he revealed how his father pulled a young man out of grave circumstances.

Even now, his father Femi Adesanya works as an accountant in Israel. The UFC contender developed a feeling of financial responsibility because of his father’s financial acumen.

Speaking candidly and honestly about his father’s influence on his life, the 34-year-old discussed it on the Mighty Cast podcast on with Demetrious Johnson. Adesanya shared insights into the pivotal role his father played in shaping his fiscal discipline and wealth management strategies.

He said: “Shout out to my dad because my dad has quadrupled my net worth…So my first UFC pay cheque, the first thing I bought was my house and then now we’ve grown the portfolio quite largely and that’s all thanks to my dad because he saw a vision.”

Israel Adesanya celebrated the opening of his new subdivision on Lowestoft Place in Palmerston North.

Adesanya acknowledged his father’s proficiency as a chartered accountant, emphasizing how Femi Adesanya’s financial acumen guided him through turbulent times. While Femi may not have been physically present in his son’s corner like the late Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, he ensured Israel’s financial stability by preventing him from facing financial ruin.

The UFC star recounted how his father’s advice led him to make prudent decisions, notably investing in real estate rather than squandering his earnings. Despite initial reluctance, Adesanya eventually recognized the wisdom in his father’s counsel, which proved instrumental in his financial journey.

Initially, Adesanya overlooked his father’s counsel when he was young. But as he matured, he came to appreciate the importance of fiscal responsibility. Today, he stands as one of the highest-paid athletes in UFC.

Adesanya also started a real estate business, diversifying his income streams and safeguarding his financial future. This will help him avoid overspending and will provide him with a steady stream of income.