Logan Paul out for blood, believes “loud mouth” Paddy Pimblett is a good match for him to try his hand at MMA

Jake Paul practically pioneered calling out smaller men – preferably from the world of MMA to forward his boxing career. Seeing the success his brother Jake had calling out mixed martial artists from the lower weight classes, he decided to try it.

The even bigger Paul – Logan thought it would be a great idea to challenge Liverpool’s brightest featherweight Paddy Pimblett.

After a successful appearance in professional wrestling during Wrestlemania, Logan is now aiming to test his skills in the UFC octagon or so he claims.

The bigger Paul is also notably the worse striker of the two.

In a recent appearance on an episode of The MMA Hour, Paul instead called out the UFC lightweight rising star Paddy Pimblett for his MMA debut.

“I have found out who I would like to fight if I did a UFC match. Paddy the Baddy (Pimblett),” Paul said. “They say he is the next Conor McGregor right, he is super charismatic and entertaining as hell. He is on the come-up and young like me and has a real loud mouth. I like the way he can perform.”

The YouTube added

“I think I might have him on my podcast and say to him straight up ‘I would like to fight you in the UFC’. He could get up to 185lbs and I could get down to 185lbs for a UFC match. It’s the only thing I don’t know if I would win, he is a good a** fighter and I have never had an MMA fight. If I am doing it obviously I think I am going to win.”

“But now I am looking at it and if I do a UFC fight then I have to do it with someone else who can sell tickets. He is still relatively new and he is young and entertaining so I think the fans will eat that s*** up. There is too much going on at the moment but yeah.”

Paul is no stranger to boxing smaller guys considering he boxed Floyd Mayweather Jr. in June of last year with Mayweather weighing in at 155 pounds.

Logan is smart with his picks too – for one Paddy Pimblett actually balloons upto 200 lbs out of fight camp – for another he’s also a social media/podcasting star considering he’s hosting a Barstool podcast titled Chatting Pony where he muses about various going ons in his life and the the lives of his guests. It was on another barstool sports podcast that Pimblett revealed he was guaranteed to make only $12,000 for his O2 arena duel with Kazula Vargas.