Floyd Mayweather Sets Date For Boxing Return

Undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather just can’t stay out of the boxing ring. Just yesterday Mayweather confirmed he will be returning once again to participate in an exhibition bout taking place in Dubai on February 20th this year.

Mayweather has taken on a number of exhibition fights over the years including those against Logan Paul and Tenshin Nasukawa. In a strange turn of events – it’s still unknown who Mayweather will be fighting in barely over a month!

Speaking to the press in Dubai Mayweather confirmed the news saying:
“Big business, big business, big business, Money May – 2022 in Dubai, right here, exhibitions, big business, events in 2022 – I’ll see you guys.”

Mayweather refused to give any details leaving many eyebrows raised. 44 year old boxing legend last competed professionally way back in 2017 – and even that bout is side eyed by many. In that fight Mayweather took on UFC’s champion Conor McGregor.

Mayweather’s last exhibition was against youtube star Logan Paul last year. Logan Paul was significantly larger than Mayweather’s previous opponents and managed to outlast many of them.

Who won Logan vs Floyd 2021?

The boxing exhibition between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather lasted the full 8 rounds. Both fighters were standing at the end of it – as per the rules of exhibition no winner was announced considering they were both still standing.

In recent weeks Logan has criticized Mayweather and his promotional company – according to reports they have yet to pay him his share of the PPV money earned on that occasion.

An 8 round exhibition in Florida was organized by Mayweather’s promotional company and had gone the distance – lasting full 24 minutes.

The bout was a real hit – it’s estimated the boxing bout had over 1 million PPV buys at 49.99$. It’s estimated to have made 50 million dollars.

Which makes it all the more surprising Paul wasn’t paid out. According to reports Paul was offered a guaranteed $250,000 plus 10 percent of the PPV sales. Rough total of the number Paul is allegedly owed is $5,250,000.

Mayweather was guaranteed 10 million plus 50 percent of the PPV meaning an extra 25,000,000 dollars.

Paul recently publicized the dispute on his instagram profile saying Mayweather has yet to pay him his share.

‘Pay me my Money u f*****g corny weasel of a human @floydmayweather,’ Paul posted on his Instagram stories, tagging Mayweather in a photoshopped picture of the American on a recent trip to Russia.