Devin Haney celebrates he gets to keep his belt despite Ryan Garcia loss

In a heartfelt and stirring Instagram Live session, Bill Haney, father and trainer of Devin Haney, reflected on their recent defeat to Ryan Garcia, expressing pride, resilience, and a renewed commitment to their boxing journey.

Just days after the highly anticipated bout, which saw Ryan Garcia miss weight, Bill Haney took to social media to address the outcome, offering a message of defiance and determination. “We outside when we winning and we outside in defeat,” he declared, emphasizing the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity.

The elder Haney was full of praise for Ryan Garcia, acknowledging the skill and strategy that earned him the victory. “He had a good game plan, you know what I mean? Both inside and outside the ring. You can’t take that away from him,” Bill Haney conceded.

Despite the setback, Bill Haney remained resolute in his support for his son, Devin, affirming that he “is the WBC champion” and that they will continue to push forward together. “I’ll continue to go back for him. I’ll continue to stay outside… I ain’t going nowhere. Period,” he vowed.

In a poignant moment, Bill Haney shared a valuable life lesson with his audience, emphasizing the importance of resilience in the face of adversity. “My son has seen his old man take losses in life, way more vicious than a loss in the ring… We don’t take nothing from it. We don’t carry no excuses.”

Throughout the livestream, Bill Haney quoted phrases that have become synonymous with the Haney brand, including “chest out, chin up” and “that’s what it means to be a Haney.” These rallying cries have inspired countless fans and have become an integral part of the Haney family’s identity.

As the session drew to a close, Bill Haney thanked his audience and reiterated his commitment to his son’s career, stating, “I’m still going to be representing him and behind him with the same passion, energy that I got.”

In the aftermath of the Garcia fight, Devin Haney’s future in the boxing world remains bright, with his father’s steadfast support and guidance propelling him forward. As Bill Haney so eloquently put it, “We’re gonna get back to the West Coast and… thank you.””