MMA Community and Competitors React to Blatant Favoritism in PFL’s New Brackets

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) is facing intense backlash from fans and stars alike after the announcement of the matchups for PFL 4: 2024 Regular Season on June 13th. Many are accusing the promotion of blatant favoritism in their matchmaking decisions.

The PFL, founded in 2018, initially gained popularity for its unique seasonal league format featuring talented athletes from around the world. However, the latest bracket reveals have sparked outrage and allegations of unfair treatment.

One of the most vocal critics is PFL heavyweight contender Daniel James, who took to social media to express his disappointment. James explained that despite his strong position in the tournament, the PFL has matched him against Tyrell Fortune, who had previously withdrawn from their scheduled bout. While James stated he has no issue facing any opponent, he feels sympathy for other athletes who have worked hard only to be overlooked.

The women’s flyweight co-main event between Dakota Ditcheva and Chelsie Hackett has also drawn criticism. Hackett, who lost her previous fight against Jena Bishop via first-round finish, has advanced, while Bishop must now face the formidable Talia Santos.

Both Bishop and Santos had impressive first-round finishes in their last bouts, accumulating significant points.

Jena Bishop voiced her disbelief on social media, stating, “Bruh! The favoritism is unreal. The PFL is shady af!”

The main event heavyweight bout between Valentine Moldavsky and Linton Vassell has also raised eyebrows. While Moldavsky secured a first-round finish in his previous match, Vassell’s performance was lackluster, as he was dominated and finished in the third round.

Fans are disappointed with the PFL’s apparent lack of fairness and structure in their matchmaking process. Unlike other MMA promotions without a league format, the PFL’s unique system demands absolute fairness and transparency in determining matchups.
As the backlash continues to grow, the PFL finds itself under immense pressure to address these concerns and restore confidence in the integrity of its tournament format.