Iranian Hulk says Martyn Ford instructed him to tackle Ford at the face offs

The Iranian Hulk’s saga with Martyn Ford is the gift that keeps on giving. Two giants seems to be all in on animosity – and mostly in on marketing.

Despite the boxing debut getting cancelled, both have given their sides of the story regarding the incident at the face off and the fall out and cancellation of the bout.

Iranian Hulk (born Sajad Gharibi) has come out since and given an interview sharing what it was like to face off against giant Ford in Dubai. The Englishman recently revealed he was mislead to expect a 6’4″ opponent (193cm).

Gharibi recently shared that the video of the infamous face off was staged so that it amplifies Ford’s height in comparison to Gharibi. Gharibi stands at 185cm – good deal shorter than Ford anticipated.

“It was a mischief by the Boxstar organization. Martyn’s height is more than two meters.”
“What they did was, that they used a really tall tripod – they recorded from afar.”
“While recording from atop, it was exactly like if – it was positioned at Martyn’s level – and positioned and pointed at me from below ”

Later Gharibi added:

Why did you go face to face twice? He pushed you once… and you were not prepared and fell on your back, was it something you requested…?

“When we went face-to-face … I laughed the first time we went face to face.  I told them, wasn’t this supposed to include filming only?”

“We didn’t agree on any face-off, after that, he said, okay, now it’s your turn to attack so what? Why should I attack now?”

“When I proceeded to charge at him, you saw what happened. You saw what happened,  there were three people, one of them Stephen and the other one was a friend of Martyn’s – who just grabbed my neck from behind ”