Horiguchi Taken Out Of The Cage On Stretcher Following Devastating Knock Out

American Top Team’s Kyoji Horiguchi was having a good night – until he wasn’t. Bellator’s latest acquisition – from Rizin was dominating all 4 rounds in a fight against Pettis. Horiguchi showcased a great skillset – but to the shock of many he was caught with a devastating spinning back fist in the 4th round of the fight.


The blow was so devastating there was no need to follow up basically. Horiguchi was already rendered unconscious. One good thing is that the referee was alert and following the action so any follow up shots to the head of unconscious Horiguchi were prevented.

This marks Pettis’ first Bellator title defense. Several hours earlier Bellator had announced a bantamweight grand prix in 2022. The fighters handpicked to participate are:

– Magomed Magomedov
– James Gallagher
– Leandro Higo
– Patchy Mix
– Rafeon Stots
– Juan Archuleta
– Sergio Pettis
– Kyoji Horiguchi

Pettis’ brother – former UFC fighter Anthony Pettis reportedly had $10.000 on the fight.

In a sport where death threats are becoming a weekly occurrence Sergio Pettis was quoted saying:
“I don’t want to hurt anybody so bad that they’re unconscious like that… It’s kind of bogus to say, but it’s better him than ,e. I’m a very nice person and a kind human being. But he would have done the same to me.”