Iranian Hulk showcases weigh in, in an attempt to keep catfishing fans

Iranian hulk Sajad Gharibi found himself in hot water recently after an in person face off against his future boxing opponent Martyn Ford. Gharibi looked noticeably smaller than Ford  – and somewhat disheveled at that. At that point a number of outlets started speculating about the fact that he appears to be a shadow of his online self.

In an attempt to dissuade haters, Hulk has just shared a glimpse of him weighing in on the scale. In recent videos shared to his social media, Gharibi is seen tipping the scale at just over 138kg (304 lbs). However when the “weigh in” is slowed down, the number on the depicted scale does a mysterious “jump” from 110 kg to 138.45 Kg, as if someone or something suddenly pushes down on the scale. As the Iranian Hulk is not fully visible, and the video is abruptly cut before the 138.45kg number holds, it is not clear if the weigh in is legit. You can view it below.

This is an attempt to mirror his opponent Martyn Ford who shared his own weigh ins several days earlier. For those interested, Ford is much taller but reportedly weighs 143kg.

 In a candid social media post Ford shared he’s currently weighing in at a whopping 315 lbs (143kg).

“Weighed in this morning at 143kg. Feel Amazing in the lead up to this fight, still powerful, explosive and working hard on speed. Time to step it up even more now, no letting up, I will be the best version of ME … no matter what, I WILL be ready. (Sorry/not Sorry for My pout ?)” Ford writes.

Ford and Gharibi were booked in a celebrity boxing promotion Boxstar for April 2nd – however following an undisclosed injury the fight card was moved for April 30th. The event seems to be coproduced by Ford in collaboration with controversial British youtuber Brian Rose. Rose has been frequently featuring crypto influencers but had pivoted to alternative medicine and conspiracies during the height of the pandemic by featuring controversial esoteric David Icke.

Gharibi and Ford had a contentious face off in Dubai earlier this month. In addition to the face off scuffle, Gharibi also threw somewhat of a hilarious temper tantrum at a press conference that followed.