Chimaev explains why he was reluctant to go to the ground with Burns

Khamzat Chimaev’s duel with Gilbert Burns at UFC 273 has already been dubbed as one of the greatest in mixed-martial-arts history.

Khamzat Chimaev left the entire mixed-martial-arts world in shambles when he defeated former title challenger and No.2 ranked UFC welterweight Gilbert Burns via unanimous decision. However ‘Borz’ later revealed that he was timid about grappling with the three time BJJ world champion. Early on, Khamzat  took the Brazilian to the ground, Burns effectively scrambled to open guard.

While speaking with the Broadcast Team, immediately after, Chimaev explained:

“When I took him down, he [Burns] tried to do an armbar or something, and I was like ‘yeah, no. I don’t like that s–t”

Chimaev’s coach wasn’t pleased with his modified strategy.  In an Instagram post, the coach shared what he told Khamzat during that moment.

“People ask me what I told Khamza end of round 2 this is what I told him ”stop brawling stop having a street fight use your straight punches and keep it Easy, this is an easy fight,” Andreas wrote. “All you have to do is keep him on your jab and have patience. Don’t make it harder than it has to be”

“I told him to stop giving everyone a show and just keep it boring and simple. To not force anything just be fast and light on his feet. This was the game plan all along.”

“Gilbert with all respect is a tough gritty Brave warrior. All the love and respect to him. These guys gave a show to the public. But as a coach I don’t care about the public I care about the easiest way to the WIN with the minimum damage. That’s my number one job.”

Chimaev addressed the strategic shortcomings afterwards:

“It wasn’t not like something surprise from him. But it was wrong for me. Coach told me all the time low and slow down and work more technical. I just wanted to take his head off. You know, I go let me do and next time we’re gonna work for that.”

For those who don’t know, Gilbert Durinho Burns is a legit three time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion and a 3rd degree BJJ Black Belt. In his decades long Mixed-Martial-Arts career, he has never lost a via submission and won 8  by way of submission.

In the fall out of decision victory, Khamzat Chimaev climbed the ranks and snuck himself into the Top 5 of the UFC welterweight division. Khamzat jumped from No.11 to No.3 with Leon Edwards replacing Gilbert Burns for the No.2 spot.

While many people are speculating a title shot could come soon for Khamzat, Dana White has revealed that he is in the process of matchmaking between Chimaev and former title challenger Colby Covington next.



Fans are very excited to see Khamzat and Colby toe to toe in the Octagon and many feel it would be more interesting and chaotic than the Burns fight.