Chimaev’s coach clarifies that the infamous UFC 273 cut was a result of a previous injury

UFC 273 caused quite a havoc on social media. Plenty of  fans got their first glimpse of what Chimaev is made of once you put an established title contender in front of him.

Many felt that Burns was robbed and was, in fact, winning the bout. Including Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

In the end, Chimaev got the decision victory and absorbed over 100 strikes during the 3 rounds against Burns. Many hard core Khabib Nurmagomedov fans used this to point out how Nurmagomedov is more superior than Chimaev thanks to the fact that he never absorbed more than 50 significant strikes during a bout. And they took time highlighting the cut Chimaev got during UFC 273 as proof that he’s the lesser fighter.



However, this cut under Chimaev’s eye might be a result of a different sparring session. Allstar Sweden MMA coach shared the following on social media.

In the caption he explains that this is a cut Chimaev earned in training about 3 weeks ago.

“3 weeks before the fight we received a cut that re opened in the fight. the cut came from a finger in the eye. PI (performance institute) fixed a nurse to stitch 6 stitches that evening… damage was done 3 weeks prior”