Kamaru Usman is helping Gilbert Burns get Chimaev out of the title picture

UFC welterweight Gilbert “Durinho” Burns is about to attempt to derail one of the biggest hype trains in recent UFC history. Burns will face the Chechen phenom Khamzat Chimaev during the main card of UFC 263.

Chimaev has had a stellar run in the UFC. The Chechen-born Chimaev was able to completely run through his opponents while barely getting hit himself. To put it in numbers, Chimaev landed a total of 254 punches in the four bouts in the UFC while absorbing just two significant strikes.

Chimaev’s career created so much hype that the current betting odds are heavily favoring him to win despite it being the first time he faces a top ranked opponent.

The betting odds for the fight demonstrate that Khamzat Chimaev is a (-490) favorite, which makes Burns the biggest underdog of the night.

Even though the betting odds might make it look like Chimaev has an easy task ahead of him, the Chechen is about to face the biggest challenge of his career.

“Durinho” is ranked number two in the division. He has won 7 out of his last 8 fights, with the only loss being to former training partner Usman.

The Brazilian was arguably Usman’s toughest challenge as a champion. During their fight, right at the beginning of the first round, Burns rocked the champion with punches and nearly knocked him out.

Usman ended up returning the favor and TKO’d Burns in the third round of their fight.

Setting aside their rivalry, Usman is now working alongside his former opponent in the preparation for Khamzat Chimaev. Usman and Burns are actually close friends and are now tying up their relationship.

“He [Kamaru] was actually here today,” Burns told journalists Luke Thomas and Brian Campbell during their talk with the fighter. “You guys are gonna see in the video, he helped me out with a  couple of rounds,”

Gilbert then starts talking about why he has so much respect for his former foe.

“And we have a good relationship, and I have tremendous respect just because he beat me on a good day.”

“I was on a good day. For sure I was a little angry, but physically, technically, I was sharp bro. I almost finished that guy.”

“Remember, I went out of the fight and my shin was big because of the head kick. My knee was sore because I threw a knee on his face. Right hand, I threw a lot of things on that guy and then he beat me. I have a lot of respect. It’s nothing personal.”

If Usman and Burns are successful, they are going to derail the biggest hype train currently on roster. Khamzat’s game already had several MMA analysts wondering how he would compare to Welterweight and p2p king Kamaru Usman.

Burns is scheduled to face Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 273 on April 9, 2022.