(Video) Jacked MMA Referee puts a stop to a crazy Post fight brawl

All hell broke loose after the Brave Combat Federation light heavyweight title bout last night. The winner appears to have been too hyped up and tried to start an in-cage brawl. The referee was forced to physically intervene in order to defuse the situation.

Mohammad Fakhreddine and Mohamed Said Maalem have been on each other’s nerves. The two previously fought at Brave CF 52. The fight resulted in a No Contest. The fight initially ended with a first-round TKO win – which Fakhreddine immediately appealed because of the illegal shots.

After evaluation of the footage, the Italian Federation of Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts (FIGMMA) decided to overturn the result into a No Contest after they found that Maalem hit Fakhreddine with several punches to the back of the head  – and that those changed the course of the fight.  The appeal was later granted.

Once the two finally met again in the cage, the tension went through the roof.

In the first round, Fakhreddine dropped Maalem with a big overhand left followed by some brutal ground and pound that prompted the referee Aaron Wallace to stop the fight.

But Fakhreddine seems a bit too hyped after stopping his heated rival and began trash-talking Maalem’s corner.

Things escalated when one of Maalem’s cornermen attempted to jump into the cage and engage in a brawl with Fakhreddine and his team.

Watching the almost-chaotic situation, referee Wallace then grabbed the 200 pounds Fakhreddine and carried him by himself to the other side of the cage.

But when Wallace released him, Fakhreddine runs back to brawl with Maalem’s cornermen.

This prompted Wallace to take another heroic step further and grab Fakhreddine in one arm and his cornermen in the other while pushing them away to the other side of the cage.

This unusual situation draws a lot of attention from the attending fans and the commentary teams.


With the disappointing no contest in the first fight and a chaotic end of the second fight, should Brave CF book a trilogy of their encounters?