Boxing fans antsy over disheveled looking Iranian Hulk ahead of Kazakh Titan boxing date

Boxing fans suggested Iranian Hulk to back out after he appeared ‘nervous’ during a staredown session with Kazakh Titan for their upcoming boxing clash.

Sajad Gharibi also known as Iranian Hulk failed to have his boxing debut against Martyn Ford in April. Ford backed out due to concerns regarding Gharibi’s mental wellbeing.

Despite being quite problematic throughout the few past months and being responsible for canceling a huge bout, Sajad Gharibi is still offered a chance to make his boxing debut – due to his viral stardom.

The 30-year-old has been pushing for a boxing match up and finally agreed to box Kazakh Titan aka Almat Bakhytovich who has been calling him out for years. The two giants will exchange blows on July 31 taking place at the P7 Arena in the Media One Hotel in Dubai. The pair will clash in a super heavyweight match.

Gharibi and Bakhytovich finally met in person for the first time at Binou’s Gym in Dubai yesterday. They had a staredown session which turned into a huge mess. Bakhytovich pushed Gharibi’s head and prompted the Iranian Hulk to charge on him but the security managed to separate them. They had another staredown but Gharibi immediately pushed Bakhytovich and was pulled away by the security.

Both giants will square off this Sunday night on Wicked ‘n’ Bad PPV. Wicked ‘n’ Bad shared the footage of the staredown session on their Instagram account. Despite the chaos, several fans noticed that Gharibi appeared to be nervous and sweaty, just like he was against Martyn Ford.

“We now understand what Martin said about this clown. He isn’t built for any type of match. He was already exhausted just by walking.” One fan wrote.

Another wrote, “he was really happy when he finally got in the red car at the end” and another joked “Isn’t it wrong to fight when you’re nine months pregnant?”.