Martyn Ford and Iranian Hulk exchange blows during contentious face off

Two giants will face off against one another inside a boxing ring on April 2nd 2022. The fight will feature Martyn Ford, well-known actor and bodybuilder, and Sajad Gharibi, aka Iranian Hulk.

Ford and Gharibi have been rumored to fight since 2018. And in 2019, the two were actually scheduled to fight in a Polish MMA promotion but the bout got canceled with no official explanation.

This fight will be held as a part of a BoxStar event, a celebrity boxing promotion.

Things between the two got heated earlier today during face offs.


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And the scuffle didn’t end there.


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Ford told the media:

“I just want to smash his head in,” Ford told Mirror Fighting. “It won’t give me any sense of achievement or pride to win, because I genuinely don’t think he will bring anything to the table that will allow me to be proud of myself.

“You can’t feel good about beating someone up that is useless. For me this is about settling some nonsense that has gone backwards and forwards for two or three years.
“The stuff that has been said from him and his camp and his fans, so I have just got to the point where I want to fight,” he added.

“I am not someone who takes trolling to heart, but there is a point where he has just gone to things that are disgusting and rude. If you want to step into the ring, I’ll step up and I have never been afraid of confrontation.

“This is not a sporting event, you can’t have an event with someone who looks like that. That’s not a sportsman at all. This fight is purely for me to shut him and the other 200,000 fans of his. Once it is done it allows me to move forward.”