Iranian Hulk stages viral stunt; bends frying pan amidst talk of boxing debut cancellation

The Iranian Hulk just can’t let go. The 29 year old giant (born Sajad Gharibi) was previously scheduled to make his boxing debut against actor/bodybuilder Martyn Ford, 39, on April 30th. But after a strange face off, and a series of interviews where he appeared distraught the whole event was cancelled.

While his opponent, Martyn Ford would rather sail into the sunset with his new adviser Daniel Kinehan and avoid the whole boxing mess the Iranian seems to be still advocating for the bout – which is why he shared a fanart type trailer for their boxing match yesterday comprised of the embarrassing face off shove.

But the Iranian’s stunts didn’t end there. Since then he also posted a deranged video showing him bending kitchen utensils.

This type of a stunt is nothing new for the Iranian considering he previously shared video ‘evidence’ of his strength which was basically pounding a cow’s bone to crush it with his bare hands.

Gharibi is still insisting the promotion honor his contract – and put a new opponent in front of him. Meanwhile Boxstar UK is dealing with the headache that are refunds and is still in pursuit of a new, viable headliner.

The Iranian’s antics are all the more confusing considering that nobody questioned his ability to make a video viral – it was his physique that raised concerns considering how he’s likely been photoshopping his images for years.

Gharibi is alleged to have successfully cat fished close to million fans and captivated them with his CGI-ed physique.

Meanwhile Ford looks on to face Hafthor Bjornsson in future – and would rather have a serious showing as opposed to a bullying type performance. He reportedly backed out of the boxing match due to concern for Gharibi’s mental wellness.