Watch huge pile of SPIT fly out of bareknuckle star’s mouth after Alan Belcher delivers fight ending blow

Alan Belcher recently took on former light heavyweight boxer Frank Tate. The pair headlined a BKFC event in a heavyweight bout taking place at Jackson, Mississippi on June 11. Both athletes played it safe and waited for the right momentum when the fight started.

Suddenly, within two minutes in the first round, Belcher found the right time to deliver a finishing shot. The brutal knockout caused Tate to bursted an unusual amount of saliva from his mouth that was captured by a ringside cameraman.

During the post-fight interview, ‘The Talent’ revealed his plan prior to clashing with Tate in the ring. He planned to wait for the right momentum and surprised Tate with all his might. And his plan certainly worked out.


Former boxer Frank Tate got knocked out in a pretty surprising way during a bare knuckle fight against former UFC middleweight Alan Belcher. Tate splattered a huge amount of saliva taking a heavy blow from Belcher.

“The plan was to stay low and land the overhand right which knocked him out. I have knockout power and I’m the best bare-knuckle fighter in the world.” Belcher said.

Alan Belcher competed in the UFC from 2006 to 2013. His latest bout was against former middleweight champion Michael Bisping. Belcher got outplayed by Bisping in most of the rounds. And in the third round, Bisping accidentally poked Belcher’s eye, rendering him unable to fight. Bisping infamously announced as the victor.

Belcher announced his retirement in 2015 and more than five years later he signed a multi-fight deal with BKFC. Belcher showed an incredible performance since joining BKFC in 2021. With this victory, the 38-year-old marked his third win streak, winning all of his matches in BKFC.

With this victory, Alan Belcher is set to fight BKFC veteran Arnold Adams for the BKFC heavyweight title. “I said if Belcher gets past Tate, he’s next. So let’s do it.” Adams said prior to Belcher’s bout.