Oscar Valdez shares footage of a swim with pet alligator

Featherweight boxing champion Oscar Valdez chose a very peculiar way to gain publicity ahead of his boxing match. Valdez decided to record himself swimming with his pet alligator.

Many professionals focus on training and avoid risky activities as much as possible. It’s so that they can participate in their boxing match without any problem. However, Oscar Valdez decided to do the complete opposite.

Valdez recorded the action underwater with his alligator pet which he named Steve. Valdez then took to his Instagram account to share with his fans.

“Steve is getting bigger and bigger.” Valdez wrote in the caption.

The ridiculous act certainly raised his fans’ eyebrows and some of them are stunned enough seeing Valdez being with his alligator. “Wtf is wrong with people.” One fan said.

Many are also concerned for his safety. “Hope you fed him first.” Another one wrote. One also said “Tell me you don’t value your life without telling me you don’t value your life.”

Hilariously, many are going along and being as ridiculous as Valdez himself. They’re quite proud that their champion is brave enough to swim with an alligator.

“That’s some brave sh*t.”

“Bro how are u planning to win against a guy with a crocodile as a pet?”

“He’s got a set of stones on him like.” One fan added.

Oscar Valdez’s last appearance in the boxing ring was last September when he boxed Robson Conceição to defend his WBC title. The two boxed for 12 rounds and Valdez was announced as the winner via unanimous decision. Now, he is set to box Shakur Stevenson for the WBO and vacant The Ring super featherweight titles. The two will clash on April 30 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Nevada.