Bobby Lee shares he was ‘pressured’ and bullied by influential comedian podcaster to drop Brendan Schaub drama

We wrote about the rumor that Brendan Schaub threatened to sue comedians of the Trash Tuesday podcast – Annie Lederman, Khalyla Kuhn and Esther Povitsky. This is no longer a rumor, Khalyla Kuhn  confirmed it during a recent guest spot on the h3h3 podcast.

The latest round of Schaub ridicule started when a fellow comedian Annie Lederman shared an NSFW anecdote about a male comedian, who is not good at comedy, hitting on her with the following line: Walk me to my truck. Brendan Schaub previously owned a Custom Ford Raptor.

Annie Lederman left doing stand up, Brendan Schaub o the right next to his Custom Ford Raptor truck

After the clip went viral thanks to the Brendan Schaub ‘fanbase’, Lederman revealed she was threatened with a lawsuit.

This wouldn’t be the first time Schaub pursued his legal options. He was slammed by a number of prominent youtubers after filing a suit against a small Schaub centric parody channel Yewneekness.

The channel was ultimately stricken down.

Prior to pursuing his legal options, Schaub would often engage a content firm called bentpixels (which has suspected ties to Joe Rogan) to censor certain narratives about himself and his powerful friends.

Khalyla Kuhn recently guested on the h3h3 podcast along with her longtime boyfriend comedian Bobby Lee. There, Bobby Lee visibly struggled to address the situation and had expressed fears that he was being threatened in addition to describing being bullied by people he had considered ‘friends’.

While Schaub felt Kuhn had exposed him he and his friends went to Lee for an intervention.

“It was not just him. There was a whole barrage it was it was I’m not gonna but it was a phone call with other podcasters and it was some bulls**t blog do bro not flogged me they threatened my career.

“They called me a coward a p**sy. You’ve always been opposed sorry. And and they said they would expose me they said that all these things.”

One thing we should note is that Lee played coy about exactly what he’d get exposed for. He claimed that Schaub’s assistants were lining reddit accounts back to him while in reality the truth is vastly more problematic – 50 something year old Lee had repeatedly bragged about some deeply troubling encounters with a teenager in Mexico over the years. And yes, this particular incident is more likely to get Lee cancelled than any of Schaub’s antics.