Brendan Schaub applauds UFC being pro free speech – all while suing a youtuber

Brendan Schaub does not practice what he preaches – in many ways. During a recent episode of his latest podcast The Schaub Show, Schaub praised Dana White for letting Mitchell speak his mind.

Mitchell previously went on to take over an interview with Ariel Helwani and share his belief that government is setting up mass shootings in order to take assault rifles from the citizens.

‘Thugnasty’ Mitchell went on to claim that the Biden family is profiting off of the invasion of Ukraine during a recent guest spot appearance on Fox news.

But wannabe comedian Brendan Schaub, champions the decision to Mitchell use his platform to talk about controversial ideas:

“I think he [Mitchell] was on Ariel’s [Helwani] show talking about vaccines and government stuff like that. The people who are upset, what do you guys want, him to just get on there and just not talk about how feels or what he’s into. You’d rather him just be the cookie-cutter guy who, you know, ‘It’s a tough camp. You know, I’ve been training hard. Hopefully I can get this win.’ I hate that s**t… Personalities like Bryce Mitchell is one of the reasons why mixed martial arts, especially the UFC, blew up and skipped all these other major leagues… If Bryce Mitchell is the NBA or the NFL or NHL, dude, they’re gonna supress all this. What’s great about the UFC and Dana White [is] like, ‘Do your thing, dude. Do your thing.'”

This is especially funny coming from Schaub – considering he’s been doing his best to censor commentary channels covering his gaffes. Last week we reported on his move to sue a commentary channel Yew Neek Ness™ for sharing some evidence of his philandering. This is just the latest move to censor his critics – Schaub had previously done his best to censor the phenomenal youtube documentary “I’m Not Surprised: A Brendan Schaub Documentary”.

The documentary reportedly went through 3 or 4 cuts just to avoid copyrights from Bent Pixels – a company that has often been tasked with censoring problematic takes on both Brendan Schaub and Joe Rogan.

Without the patronage of Joe Rogan, Schaub is often forced to reinvent the wheel in order to gin up interest in his brand. However pivoting from one controversial take to another can lead to unintended, if not sometimes comical results – like this latest take applauding free speech all while censoring his critics.