Adult star sponsors BKFC flasher Tai Emery in an attempt to capitalize on publicity after celebration goes viral

OnlyFans model and former Lingerie Football League star Tai Emery went viral last week after she flashed the crowd following a stoppage victory at BKFC. Emery defeated Rung-Arun Kunchai with an uppercut knockout at BKFC Thailand 3: Moment of Truth.

After the referee halted the bout, Emery ran to the side of the ring, climbed the ropes and struck gold when her NSWF celebration went viral. Even though the act unheard of in professional sports, it was warmly received by the crowd and nothing new for the star considering she used to play American football clad in under wear.

The viral celebration widespread on social media and caught the attention of famous adult star Kendra Lust. Lust herself has tried to promote herself in the MMA community by offering Mike Perry money to be one of his cornermen.

She celebrated Emery on his victorious pro MMA debut on social media saying,

“Congrats Tai Emery on your win with [BKFC], first-round KO. Was a pleasure to sponsor you and the best celebration in any sport after the win.”

The 35-year-old Tai Emery replied in kind and said,

“Thank you for believing in me and supporting me in a time where my ‘image’ wasn’t accepted! You kept me training, fed and put a roof over my head to get me to (BKFC 3). I will always march in the Lust Army as a soldier.”

Tai Emery’s simple gesture brought her the exposure and the financial security she needed. She explained that following the viral act, her OnlyFans subscribers numbers multiplied.

“My OnlyFans went maybe 40 to maybe [2,500], or something like that. I have been completely enabled to continue to be myself, and so I shall.” Emery explained.

Emery even added that she will do a similar gesture in the future. She said,

“For sure. I’m trying to get it to a point where maybe there’s like gonna be a reflection of a sea of t**ties just looking back at me in like this army of salute, from men to women.”