Miesha Tate slams American football after brutal kids collision video: “I’d rather have my kids fight MMA”

Recently a clip surfaced showcasing tackling drills for American football featuring two kids. Brain trauma awareness is a very important topic in MMA – and somewhat sidelined. As is, the majority of athletes, coaches and staff is ill informed about concussions and adequate procedures to treat them.

MMA ref/lawyer Erik Magraken recently shared:

“Data shows those that actually do (real knowledge about concussion and CTE) make different, safer choices.”

He also published a number of interesting posts about concussion awareness and combat sports on his blog combatsportslaw.

Athletic commissions can play a crucial role in helping weed out ignorance about brain health and safety from the combat sports world. Only 6% of polled coaches demonstrate adequate concussion knowledge.”

But despite the fact that MMA is young – it appears to not be alone in this as evidenced by the recent clip.

The kids estimated to be somewhere under 10 are seen practicing tackles on each other with the coach cheering them on as the collision happens. Former Bantamweight champion of the UFC Miesha Tate had a visceral reaction to footage:

“I’d rather have my kids fight MMA than play football tbh, you hear the guy at the end saying “you’re good” no he’s not GOOD. MMA is safer.”


Tate is possibly not wrong here. These collisions can be harder to take than actual strikes – especially with a developing brain.

Magraken was quick to add:
“Collision and combat sports all come with brain trauma. The less brain trauma you take over a lesser period of time the better. Regardless of what sport is the ‘delivery system’.”

Meanwhile another MMA journalist, Damon Martin added:
“Contact sports in general are inherently dangerous, especially at a younger age.

The real key is having good people involved with children playing sports, who really have their best interests and safety at heart. The “you’re good” coach certainly doesn’t seem to qualify to me.”