Miesha Tate wins Celebrity big brother

Former UFC bantamweight champion of the world, Miesha Tate, just returned to fighting after a two year lay off. But after receiving an offer from CBS to appear on Celebrity big brother 3 she sidelined her fighting career for a bit.

And the gamble appears to have paid off. Tate was one of the 11 famous participants in the program. Other participants were basketball player Lamar Odom, Chris Kattan, Shanna Moakler and dancer Todrick Hall.

Tate was in the house for 3 weeks as a part of the reality show competition. Tate was the frontrunner from the very start of the show having been elected Head of household the very first week. Ultimately she won the Head of household title four times. The power came with a perk – power of veto which can be used to save a competitor from elimination.

Tate’s main ally during the competition was Taylor Swift dance coordinator Todrick Hall. The two successfully ran through the competition landing together in the finals. Tate ultimately won 7-1 and along with it the grand prize of $250,000.

Miesha Tate has been training in the house though it’s questionable how adequate those trainings are to prep for a fight. Tate reportedly has to cut 19lbs to make flyweight.

She is currently booked to return to the cage May 14th against Lauren Murphy. In her last fight she lost decision to Ketlen Vieira.

Tate told parade.com about the victory:

I was very taken aback. And I’ll be honest, the mother in me came out. I was just worried. I was like, “What is going on right now?” I must have looked like a deer in headlights. Because I’m taking this all in, and I just won Celebrity Big Brother. But I’m concerned for my friend. I don’t understand what’s going on. I haven’t seen any of this. I’ve been in the dark for 30 days, literally and figuratively.

Then I see my beautiful family up on the wall there. And I was just overwhelmed with emotion. I saw that my son got emotional because you can tell he sees me and wants me. I’m like, “I have to get to my baby.” And then, of course, we started hugging. And I see Julie looking as amazing as ever in real life. She’s just gorgeous, in every sense of the word. So It was a lot of taking in a lot of different emotions in the room.