(Video) BKFC champ Lorenzo Hunt competes with a farm animal in head wrestling

Bare Knuckle FC’s Light Heavyweight champion Lorenzo Hunt just starred in the most unusual video.

In the video, Hunt appears to challenge a GOAT to a “head-wrestling” contest. Nope, not talking about an acronym for “Greatest of All Time”… just a goat, the farm animal, in this case, named “Poncho”.

Hunt starts the bout by pushing his head against the animal’s head and begins a strength-measurement contest against the caprine.

“Come on Poncho,”  The BKFC’s champion says daringly. “I ain’t never gonna give up, Poncho”.

Poncho doesn’t take the provocation lightly and pushes even harder against the bare-knuckle boxer, showing why Poncho is known around the world as the “Mean Caprine”.


Poncho’s strength eventually becomes too much for Hunt. The fighter gets his base thrown off by Poncho which awards Poncho the winner of the bout.

Poncho showed the world that, while Hunt might be a professional fighter, Poncho is considered the GOAT for a damn reason.

On Instagram, Lorenzo Hunt later stated that he regrets the loss to Poncho and that he demands an instant rematch happens.

Showing that he is the better man goat, Poncho did not respond to his rival’s provocations.

Despite calling for an immediate rematch against the GOAT, Hunt has an arguably easier opponent scheduled.

Hunt will be fighting Joe Riggs at BKFC 24, happening on April 30.

Meanwhile, Poncho’s manager announced that he does not have an opponent booked just yet.