Trans MMA Fighter Makes Her MMA Debut with a Submission Win

Alana McLaughlin is making history tonight. She will be the first trangender woman to step on the professional MMA stage. First openly trans one that is – Fallon Fox had made her debut seven years ago to much controversy since her gender hadn’t been initially disclosed.

Combate Global  happened last night in Miami.

According to The Trans Sporter Room podcast McLaughlin was a former militarry service member that left the service in 2010 and transitioned after. As a former collegiate athlete McLaughlin is certainly a gifted individual.

“I’m 38, so if I’m going to do anything serious competitive athletically, like now is the time,” she told Outsports. “Every fighter’s got an expiration date, and I want to do it while I still can.”

Her opponent Celine Provost certainly seems game. At least up until the point she got submitted.

The winner wasn’t clear cut at first – the Provost threw a flurry of good punches in round 1 however she was short of finishing. McLaughlin returned in round 2 and submitted Provost. Provost’s record contained only one fight – that she lost prior to last night’s event.

You can check out the finsh below: