(Video) YouTube star punches boxing rival during heated face-off

At the press presentation for their forthcoming boxing event, Cory Wharton of the Real World went a little too close to Chase Demoor, and got smacked for it.

Wharton is well-known for his family’s YouTube channel and appearances on Teen Mom. On Saturday night at the Banc of California Stadium in California, he makes his boxing debut against Too Hot To Handle’s Demoor. Months of conflict between the two culminated at last night’s press conference when Demoor went too near to his opponent.

Despite there being a palpable animosity between them, the promotion Social Gloves decided not to place anybody between the two heavyweights when they squared up. Demoor, who towered over Wharton, caressed his hands and patted him on the head before knocking off his hat, which prompted his opponent to deliver a fast punch.

Security was eventually required to separate the reality TV personalities. They, for some reason, seem to be engaged in a serious exchange. Wharton subsequently admitted to reporters that he felt compelled to hit someone after being touched during both yesterday’s concert and the event’s press conference in July.

After the altercation, Wharton told explained

“I punched his a**. It was just a quick little something, because he put his hands on me at the first press conference so I’m letting him know I’m not backing down man, Saturday we here and I’m ready for this s***. I did what I had to do.”

Demoor, a former American football player, wasn’t impressed by Wharton’s strength. Although it didn’t happen on stage, he also claimed to have shoved aside four security officers to strike Wharton again.

Demoor stated, “I was just in there, he was talking. I flicked his hat off, he punched me, I had four guys grab me I pushed them all off me and I punched him back.”