(Video) RISE press conference goes awry: Kickboxer tackled into the desk after trying to physically confront opponent


K-1 is keeping busy promoting a 19th of June PPV event with RISE. Scheduled to meet are Fan favorite YA-MAN vs K-1’s Heel Ashizawa, Babyface Shiratori Taiju vs Gonnapar Weerasakrek and Black Panther Beynoah vs Wajima.

Passions ran high at the press conference for the event with the headliners trying to settle the score right then and there.

Ya-man appeared to want to assault Ashizawa. The security was quick to defuse the conflict however, despite the quick interventions things escalated further. Upon trying to instigate again, Ya-Man was tackled into a nearby table in an attempt to de-escalate the situation.

As per twitter user-
YA-MAN threws wate at Ashizawa after hearing Ashizawa say he’s too slow to understand his speech.

Ashizawa says “I was expecting him to throw the glass. Water? That’s why you’re a p–sy”