Jorge Masvidal arraignment pushed back to April 28th

Jorge Masvidal is still dealing with the repercussions of his alleged assault on Colby Covington.

Masvidal and several of his entourage dressed in hoodies and surgical masks and intercepted Covington as he was leaving a Miami steakhouse along with some of the ‘Nelk’ boys.

At that point an assault took place – and Covington ended up with $15,000  damage to his Rolex watch in addition to a chipped tooth. He immediately pressed charges and turned the mic on the Nelk boys’ Bob Menery who is suspected to have played a part in the stick up.

Masvidal was due in court today however office of State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle requested a continuance. Masvidal is represented by attorneys Mauricio Padilla and Brad Cohen.

He recently appeared on a podcast and while he refused to talk about the incident he did say he learned to not brag about potential felonies online.

“I don’t really do much social media, for a while now. Reason being you get lost in it quick man. There’s too many little mamas and s**t out there man. I probably shouldn’t snitch on myself, but yeah that’s like number one yeah right, and I am trying to be an athlete.”

“You know so that’s number one right there, and number two I don’t know I just do social media enough when I want to because I gotta get paid by sponsors, I got to post them up. Anyway so I try to limit my time you know, maybe spend it in places that’ll be a little bit better for me,” he added.

Covington has been the target of criticism from many current and former UFC athletes including Khabib Nurmagomedov who called for a boycot of Covington due to the fact he pressed charges against Masvidal.

“If you are stronger than someone inside the octagon, it does not mean that you can insult his children. No one has the right to insult someone’s family. Once you have gone down this path, then be ready to back up your words. You were attacked by a professional fighter, the same as you are, your own size, and you go press charges against him to the police? I think all welterweights should refuse to fight Colby , just don’t accept fights with him, let him sit without a fight, it will probably signifinicantly affect him and all fighters who even think of insulting families, who is provoking the fighters to look for someone in restaurants to deal with him. ”