Ukrainian McGregor caught redhanded again – this time for using a PED

Prior to his only UFC bout earlier this year, ‘Ukrainian McGregor’ Askar Mozharov got caught falsifying his record. The depths of Mozharov ‘s fake record wouldn’t be known until well after he was released by the UFC.

Ukrainian McGregor Askar Mozharov is one of the more interesting stories as of late. The Ukrainan managed to fake his way to a UFC contract.

When was Mozharov was booked for a bout in the UFC his record was falsely represented as 25-7. This would soon turn out to be an inflated number and repeatedly adjusted.

But as if going from a record of 25-7 to a record consisting of 15 wins and 14 losses wasn’t bad enough, the Ukrainian failed was also suspended by USADA for a metabolic modulator – GW1516 sulfone.

Due to the small amounts registered in his system, Mozharov is only suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and not by USADA itself.

Test was facilitated around June 4, 2022 when Menifield defeated Mozharov in the first round of their UFC Vegas 56 match up.

Mozharov posted the following justification prior to UFC Vegas 56:

Mozharov and his staff have spoken with the commission. A mediation result will probably be announced at the commission’s next meeting on September 20.

According to a post on his Instagram page, Mozharov apparently quit MMA after being released by the UFC.

Immediately after the loss, Mozharov posted the following on social media:

And it appears his future and ‘big ideas’ are also under advisement. Mozharov announced he was reconsidering MMA as a career choice saying:

“Askar Mozharov announced on Instagram that he left MMA – Many people ask what I have with the UFC – I have moved away from MMA and decided to stop cooperation, on my initiative! I’m not surprised by what media writes there! I’m done with MMA! There are other plans, thank you all!” translated via iHeartGeorgius1 on Twitter”