Thor Bjornsson willing to give up on boxing Martyn Ford amid Tyson Fury plan

With no formal offer on the table, Thor Bjornsson is prepared to give up on his quest for a duel with Martyn Ford.

After defeating rival Eddie Hall in February to put an end to their long-running conflict, Bjornsson had a successful performance. Since his win, he has been connected to a variety of possibilities. This includes a matchup with fellow heavyweight Ford and an exhibition match with heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Following the abrupt cancellation of Bjornsson’s initial matchup with The Iranian Hulk aka Sajad Gharibi, fans have regularly demanded that he box actor/stuntman Martyn Ford. However, Bjornsson is unsure if the bout will happen due to a lack of enthusiasm from promotions.

Bjornsson said:

“He’s been talking a lot of s*** but nothing has been spoken about further it’s just him talking. I haven’t received any offers from anybody, I haven’t been contacted about the fight once.”

“It seems that people want to see this fight happen, but no promote seems to be willing to put this fight together. I’m not going to pursue it. I know for a fact he’s all talk just like Eddie Hall and I would beat his a** easily.”

“He’s barely boxed before, I don’t think he’s boxed longer than I have. I’m taller than him, stronger than him. I have fought and he has not, I beat his best friend Eddie Hall and he’s saying ‘I’m s***?’. In essence, he is proclaiming to the world that Eddie Hall is terrible at throwing hands.”

Due to their common love of fitness, Ford and Hall have been friends for a long time. Ford said that a boxing bout between them would be ideal and have the necessary build-up to pique the curiosity of a large audience.

Ford stated:

“For me in Dubai I saw the Eddie vs Thor fight and I thought Thor did well. It was touted out there, 100 per cent I want to fight Thor.”

“If we are going to put it out there, name me one other person I want to fight who is the same size and would go head-to-head. They have to have the celebrity, bring the numbers to the table and it also has to be a similar level, size and background. Me and Thor would be perfect. It makes sense on so many levels.”

On the other hand, Bjornsson’s trainer Billy Nelson hinted at a significant announcement on his boxing future. A matchup with Fury suddenly seems more plausible especially given Tyson Fury’s travel restrictions.

Additionally, Bjornsson has been invited back into the ring for a rematch with Hall. Eddie hall has tattooed Bjornsson’s name on his foot in order to secure a rematch.

Before engaging in a rematch, Bjornsson is now considering other opportunities. He is prepared to let his opponent wait another year or two before launching any kind of retribution campaign.