Worldclass Boxing Trainer Believes Usman Couldn’t Beat A B-level Boxer

UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman defended his title for the fifth time against the challenger Colby Covington back in November of last year. ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ is undefeated in the UFC and is well-known for his striking ability. This development came after Usman enlisted the help of World class MMA coach Trevor Wittman. As of right now Usman knocked out 9 opponents out of 20 victories.

Kamaru Usman expressed his interest in fighting inside a boxing ring following praise for his performances against Covington in both fights. In the lead-up to his recent fight 34-year-old went  public about his interest in boxing and that he wished to fight boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez.

However, the legendary trainer Teddy Atlas does not believe Kamaru Usman would shine as a boxer. In the recent appearance with The Schmo  Teddy Atlas talked about Usman’s ability in the boxing ring.

“He’s got physicality, he’s very strong, he’s a decent puncher, and he’s not a bad striker but I think a lot of his strengths are on the mat. But, if you throw him in there with a B-level guy, or even a good journeyman guy, no,” said Teddy Atlas.

Teddy Atlas believes boxing is a completely different playground and a fighter can not transition to other combat sports that easily.

“I don’t want to upset anyone but as long as the rules are strictly boxing, no he wouldn’t be able to have tremendous success,” added Atlas.

Many would believe that on his feet, Kamaru Usman is not the best striker. However, when he mixes in his takedowns, his striking becomes dangerous. Which can not be applied to boxing. This is also the reason some people find Usman’s fighting a bit boring, but he dominates his opponents with his superior wrestling.