Sean Strickland rips Glory MMA over producing THREE major scandals in 2023

Glory MMA has carved a notorious reputation within the mixed martial arts community, provoking heated debates and fueling controversies throughout the last year.

UFC Sean Strickland isn’t known for mincing words. His latest target was the scandal streak over in Glory MMA. Strickland has put them on blast outlining the silver lining in their troubled history.

What did Strickland mean by this list? Well, simply put, James Krause came under fire for betting on his own trainees, including one highly suspicious incident. Former trainee Megan Anderson then accused Krause of not properly training her for a UFC title shot and of having an affair with UFC analyst Laura Sanko.

His trainee, friend, and MMA bettor Jeff Molina had a NSFW video leak that forced him to come out.

And just this week, another high-profile UFC competitor from their gym accused his former UFC wife of cheating with a (former UFC) teammate.

How did it start?

Back in August of last year, Glory MMA head coach James Krause made waves when he revealed he made more money in MMA betting than coaching. During the same interview, Krause cited health issues, particularly a herniated disk in his neck, as a significant factor in his decision to retire from the sport as a competitor in the UFC.

Betting impropriety

This flew under the radar until James Krause’s trainee, Darrick Minner, collapsed in one of his bouts with an injury following suspicious line movement.

UFC would go on to create a policy forbidding athletes and coaches from betting on UFC. Krause didn’t seem to take the new policy seriously and was even seen laughing about it on a subsequent podcast (the podcast has since been taken online).

Allegations of an affair between James Krause and UFC analyst Laura Sanko and of a failure to coach Anderson

James Krause was criticized by a former trainee, Megan Anderson, for his handling of her preparation for a title shot against Amanda Nunes.
Anderson accused James Krause of not paying attention to her during training camp and instead focusing on Brendon Moreno.

It didn’t end there either. Anderson posted the following on twitter:

Laura Sanko and Megan Anderson were once close friends who co-hosted an MMA podcast. However, given that they cancelled the show in 2019, it seems that things between the two have become worse.

Sanko remains happily married.

Another team member defended Krause. Jeff Molina disputed Anderson’s claims and blamed her drinking problem for the loss to Amanda Nunes. Molina accused Anderson of seeking attention when Krause was under increased scrutiny for betting irregularities.

Canada provinces ban sportsbooks from taking UFC bets as a result of Minner incident


In December, UFC has prevented Krause from cornering, and the Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has suspended betting on all UFC events. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has forbidden state bookmakers from accepting wagers on any bouts involving Krause.

A federal investigation into Krause’s activities is ongoing and he’s had all his devices seized. In addition to this, he was forced to sell stakes in Glory MMA and LFA – a local MMA promotion he was heavily involved in.

His trainee Jeff Molina also had his Nevada State license suspended for the duration of the investigation. It’s unclear if this was in connection to the Minner case or something else surrounding the incident.

Jeff Molina comes out in the fall out from NSFW clip release

Jeff Molina opened up about his sexual orientation on Twitter and expressing frustration over not being able to come out on his own terms due to a leaked video.

Molina’s announcement has sparked a conversation about the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in professional sports, particularly in a sport like MMA where he described encountering homophobic individuals.

Molina’s coming out has been overshadowed by the allegations against him, but he maintains his innocence and the majority of UFC stars have had a welcoming reaction to his revelation.

Molina previously represented Pride colors during Pride Month as a way to show support for the LGBTQ+ community, despite controversies surrounding the UFC’s stance on flags and themed accessories.

UFC’s Tim Elliot outs wife for having an affair with teammate including a tryst their wedding night

Tim Elliott accused his wife, (who was also in the UFC previously) Gina Mazany, of cheating on him with his training partner, Kevin Croom, in a social media post.

The trio trained together at Glory MMA and Fitness Gym under the guidance of coach James Krause.

Kevin Croom was released from the UFC in May 2022 and moved on to BKFC (Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship).  Gina Mazany was cut from the UFC and has since returned to LFA (Legacy Fighting Alliance).

Despite the personal turmoil, Tim Elliott, currently ranked No.11 in the UFC flyweight division, continues his career and is scheduled to face Victor Altamirano on June 3.

Reactions to Elliott’s accusation have been varied, with sympathy and encouragement from fans and fellow UFC stars, but also criticism for involving his daughter in the situation.