UFC Title Contender Comes Clean: Admits to Using ‘Whizzinator’ to Pass PED Test Back in The Day

In a funny admission, former UFC heavyweight title challenger Jeff Monson has revealed that he used a device called the “Whizzinator” to circumvent PED testing and pass a screening for PEDs during his time with the UFC in early 2000s.

Monson, now 53, opened up about the controversial episode during an appearance on the Lytes Out podcast. The journeyman explained that after compiling a 3-0 winning streak in the UFC, he earned a heavyweight title shot against champion Tim Sylvia at UFC 65 in 2006. However, Monson was concerned he may test positive for banned substances, having recently cycled off a regimen of PEDs.

“I heard I was going to be tested for the Sylvia fight, so I used the Whizzinator,” Monson admitted. “It’s this fake p*nis device you can fill with someone else’s clean urine sample. That’s how I was able to pass the test back then.”

The Whizzinator made headlines in 2005 when several athletes were caught attempting to use the product to beatĀ  tests. It consists of a realistic prostheticĀ  that can be strapped to the user’s body and filled with urine via an attached syringe.

Despite beating the test with the Whizzinator, Monson came up short against Sylvia, losing their title bout by unanimous decision. He then parted ways with the UFC soon after.

In the years following, Monson competed for nearly 40 different MMA promotions around the world as he transitioned into the role of a well-traveled veteran fighter-for-hire. This included a 2011 bout in Russia against all-time great heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko.

Now over a decade removed from the incident, the contrite Monson owned up to his transgressions. “I was on some stuff leading up to that Sylvia fight, and I knew I’d probably test positive,” he stated. “Using the Whizzinator was wrong, but I was desperate to get that title shot. I regret having to cheat the system like that.”