UFC’s Molina comes out in support of James Krause, blames Megan Anderson’s drinking problem for Nunes loss

James Krause found himself in hot water earlier today when former trainee decided to blast him and blame him for the way he dealt with her while she was preparing to face Amanda Nunes.

Anderson was active in MMA upto her loss to Amanda Nunes in March of 2021. Prior to that she had 11 wins and 4 losses in MMA notably losing to holly Holm and Felicia Spencer.

Anderson was a +700 underdog heading into the event – with Nunes as the -1000 favorite. And this was all for a good reason apparently.

Anderson had insisted her coach James Krause hadn’t been paying attention to her in camp and instead focusing on (interim flyweight champion) Brendon Moreno.

Anderson even went on to blame Krause’s personal distractions for his absentmindedness.

However another athelete in their camp disputes Anderson’s claims. Jeff Molina has been at Glory MMA for a while. He claims he was present for the camp and lobbied some heavy duty accusations at Anderson.

In a giant response he dumped on social media, Molina went on to blame Anderson’s drinking problem for the loss.

He also went on to claim Anderson was doing all this for ‘clout’.

“This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Way to wait until MMA twitter is trashing James Krause for his fighter fighting injured just like 90% of fighters do just cause you want some twitter clout”

Molina is referencing the betting irregularities featuring GLory MMA’s Darrick Minner. Minner was injured heading into his bout – and a large number of bets were placed speculating he would get finished in round 1 or 2 by KO or TKO.

Krause is the obvious suspect considering he bragged about being a betting tout.

Molina also called out Anderson for being a ‘lazy’ training partner and asking to be let to win. Molina also accused Anderson of injuring newbies.

Anderson indeed looked petrified during the walkouts and got tooled around rather fast.

However her affair claims are one aspect of the story Molina didn’t dispute.

Be that as it may, Krause did give a telling quote the last time he went on the MMA hour – which might indicate as to why exactly he was so committed to trailing Moreno.

“I don’t make s—t on coaching,” he laughed. “Absolutely not. I mean, if you’re talking about time, if I go out on a Wednesday to a Sunday and make 10 percent off a guy …”

“if we’re not talking about Brandon Moreno, most of my guys are entry-level guys making 12/12 (to show/to win), 14/14. I have some guys making in the 20s but even at that, you get 10 percent of 20,000, it’s 2,000 and I’m on the road every weekend Wednesday to Sunday. It just doesn’t — no. It’s not even close.”